Family Devotions--Vacation Style

Today we, as a family, did church a little different.

We were away today on a one day "vacation" (it's my first Sunday off since February and I already had the day covered when my earlier plans fell through) and we escaped to a local town.

Last night was filled with "a double feature at a drive in" (which our kids had never done) and a late arrival back to our hotel about 1:40 this morning.  Needless to say, our eyes didn't pop open at the usual 6:00 am on Sunday morning.

Diane and I were up early to take care of the puppies (yes, they went with us--and they did great) and I went to pick up some "breakfast" since I knew the kids weren't getting up in time to get the hotel fare?

Around 11:20'sh or so we made it to a local park to search for my dad's memorial brick honoring his service in the Army in WWII and then we sat down by the lake and had church.  Yes, no building--no musical instruments, no ushers or formal prayers. We as a family gathered together around the Word.

I read from Hebrews 10 (about worship and it's forms--the sacrifices that were required).  We talked about how worship has changed, but more importantly where worship takes place.  I stressed to them that we were having church today--even as a family by the lake.

We closed by listening to a song I had which talked about how we can't keep Christ in our temples, tents--for they become idols.   When we got back in the car one of the kids said " now, that was cool!"

Have you ever done church---outside of church?