This Ain't My Daddy's SBC Convention

I came across this video of a motion at this year's SBC Annual Convention and thought "Now, what would my Dad have thought of this?" (Dad was  pastor in SBC churches for 50+ years.

Dad and Mom would attend the annual meeting each year (along with the family--although my late in life arrival didn't give them the opportunity to do that much) and they would see friends and receive encouragement.  Truth be told Dad was hurt in his later years by all of the convention politics and told me on more than one occasion "It's not what it used to be ."

So, I think he might have chuckled and laughed at this motion but deep in his heart he would have been happy to see younger people coming back to the convention and being involved.  It really is going to take their generation to keep the hopes and dreams of SBC forebearers alive or else it will all die.  And yes, (gasp!) it's going to have to change to meet today's generation where they are (even in a motion in rap, while funny speaks to the communication of the younger generation.  It's their expression) and maybe we shouldn't think "isn't that funny" but think "what are they saying to us"

Would love to hear your thoughts....