Watercolor Time Lapse--Randy Elrod "FATHERS EYES"

This is my friend, Randy Elrod, who has been commissioned to paint a watercolor portrait based on one of Amy Grants all time favorite hit songs "FATHERS EYES".  It's all part of a tour that Amy will be doing this fall in small venues of 350 people and the proceeds go to Compassion International.

Randy is an artist:  musician, culture creator, wine taster, painter, runner, reader, blogger and writer.  He does it all.  I'm blessed to attend his RECREATE conference every year where he brings together 100 of the best and brightest creatives for a week of mentoring in Creativity, The Arts and The Church.

The real news is that Randy hasn't always been a painter.  This is something that he has taken up in the last few years and is basically self-taught.   I think he's awakened the Michaelangelo within himself.  What do you think?

How about you? Would you dare to take up painting and learn to paint.   My local artist friend, Shanna Covington, is going to teach art lessons this fall at College on The Square.  You might want to check it out--I might join you there too.