WORSHIP RISES!-- It's coming from the NORTH

For the past year I've heard my friend Chris Vacher from Canada talk passionately about a project that he was collaborating on called WORSHIP RISES.

WORSHIP RISES  is compilation of songs that are written, birthed, sung and distributed through Canadian churches.  It is the hearts desire of these musicians that they capture the songs of their people in their churches and share them with the world.  I think its a magnificent vision and goal.  Who knows where God will take these songs in the day and age of technology and the internet.

Just this last Sunday we heard BEAUTIFUL ONE being sung by German people in a video.  I saw faces of our people immediately connect with the song and enjoy the moment as they heard the same praise in a different language.  I think heaven is going to be like that.

Chris tells me that this is just the beginning of the project.  The group is meeting today to lay down more songs and more grand ideas for the Kingdom.

I'm so proud of Chris and his friends for attempting a God-sized task all for the glory of the King.  Way to go Chris.

You can get the cd here--it's only $3.96. You won't go wrong in adding this to your ipod or cd rotation.  

It's my hope that in the future Chris' church and my church can be singing one of these songs together on the same day, at the same moment and connect via technology.  Wouldn't that be cool?