Worship Confessional, July 25, 2010

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We're coming to the end of our series BECOMING A HEALTHY CHURCH.  We've been doing it since the end of May and Lord willing, we will have a new Sr. Pastor in place (he comes in view of a call next Sunday).  Today we focused on CELEBRATION and being aware of what God is doing in our midst.

The set list today was:

The Lord Reigns (Gateway)-- I love this song.  We haven't done it in awhile.  It has such a celebratory feel to it.  Tried to get our people to shout (hey, football season is only 1 months away).
Video: Wrap up from Student Life/ Super Summer Camps

Baptism (4 from Student Life Camp)--this was a celebration for us too as we celebrated this 4 kids who made professions during our recent camp.
Missions Moment--Kenya ( Interview and video with Tara Moore who just completed a 1 month internship in Kenya with Buckner International)
Offertory Prayer
Do It Lord (Walker)-- Again, this has been our theme song for 2010.. We continue to cry out to the Lord to "Do It Lord that your glory may be seen"
Glory To God Forever (Beeching/Fee)-We learned this one last week with Rich.  The kids did it at Super Summer.. I'm ready to dig into this one. It will be on our screens for a bit.
Morning Message:  Becoming A Healthy Church: Celebration--Dave Bilderback
You Gave Your Life Away (Baloche)--I love this song--such a simple melody and message.  I've been impacted this week reading JESUS MANIFESTO.  This song says so much!


Eddy Mann... said...

thanks for including the video...

Jim Drake said...

Hey Eddy

Thanks for stopping by. Where do you serve?

Robbie said...

Sounds like it went well

Kendall Massey said...

We did The Lord Reigns too. Nice.
No NWLC this year.
Two camps and Jesus Culture : Dallas is enough.

Hope all is well.