Plan B Book---A Must Read!

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Today I finished PLAN B BOOK by Pete Wilson. I have to say that somehow, someway the Spirit always puts resources in my hands at just the time that I need them.

Pete is a friend and I've known about the book for a while, but hadn't put my hands on it until the National Worship Leaders Conference last month where Pete spoke.   Even then I had other books on my desk side.  However this last week I was prompted to pick it up and I found that I couldn't put it down.

Knowing what Pete's voice sounds like every chapter was if he was talking to me--and that made the messages even more personal.  There were times that I was furious at him for saying this or that but I knew that it was truth that I needed to hear and it made it even better to hear it from a friend.  Several chapters were very hard to get through just because of their reality ( he must be reading my mail!)

Tonight I was reminded of PLAN B situations that have surrounded me this week:
    * A friend diagnosed with cancer again
    * A friend who loses a second sibling to cancer
    * Family members struggling with life situations
    * and more

Plan B's are all around us and I guess the thing that Pete taught me through this book was to take another look at each situation and see where God is working and what he's saying.  There really is a depth and wisdom to the book that I cannot explain.  Some of it comes out in this interview that Pete did with James Robinson.   Believe me--you won't put it down either.

This is more than just a sermon series that was turned into a book.  I listened to the sermon series and it was fantastic.  But this book is as if Pete took that lesson and then spent the next 6 weeks with you at the coffee shop going over each of these things in detail.

It's a book that I would highly recommend for any family member or friend dealing with the Plan B's of their lives.  I plan to get more copies to give away to those in my life that are living there right now.

Are you in the midst of a Plan B?


pete wilson said...

Thanks so much Jim. Your kind words regarding the book mean a lot to me. I just continue to pray that God will use the book to help give hopeless people hope.

Jim Drake said...

You're welcome Pete. This book will be part of my library for a long time!