A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE--The 80's/90's in Church Music

A recent discovery in a music closet that was flooded had me curious as to who the group HEIRLOOM was ( I never heard of them) and why we would have scads of this book ( A LADIES BOOK) in our possession.

First, I had to laugh at the cover.  I'm a child of the 80's and I know everytime I look at styles like this I think--"what were we thinking?"
I could date the book just by looking at the hair styles. Can you guess what year? ( Let me just say that I married in 1990 and my lovely bride wore one of these hair styles for our wedding.  Love you puddin'--happy anniversary on Wednesday--20 YEARS) (As I watch this it's Totally 80's night on CAKE BOSS--maybe it's coming back)

Second of all, who at the music publisher thought that this was a great idea  (Wait--I have to remember that in the 80's it was heavily photo intensify of the artists (Sandi Patti, Amy Grant, Steve Green, Larnelle Harris--am I dating myself here).  Today graphics for publications are more conceptual and graphic rather than identity driven.

What gems and jewels of the past in church music can you find at your place?  Believe me-there's more to come.  I saved a pile of it to blog about.  You won't believe it!

HEIRLOOMS--Gospel History


Michael Mahoney said...

We have some hymnals from the 50's and a couple of kid's VHS tapes. Does that count?

Jim Drake said...

Yeah Michael that counts.. probably a Salty video, huh?

Lil said...

I recognized this album instantly- and it is a good one. =) I am wear of southern gospel but I gotta say I still remember songs from this album and would stil listen to it if I had it. Candy Hemphill and Tanya Sykes if I remember correcty.

Jim Drake said...


Thanks for stopping by. You really in South Korea? Wow! How did you find my blog?

Lil said...

That was supposed to say *weary*. Yep, we are living in South Korea. I recently found your blog via another worship blog but can't remember which. =)