Influencing The Next Generation--Worship At Super Summer 2010

Every once in a while God sits me down and says "Sit there--don't speak.  Watch me work and listen!" Duh... was that not the theme of this week at Super Summer (Ps. 46:10)

He did that tonight as I went to Super Summer @ Hardin Simmons and was led in worship by one of my former ministry students.  Phillip Cole and Burgundy Road were passionate leaders tonight and ignited the students in worship.  My birds eye view from the balcony gave me a venue to watch what God does with surrendered lives.

Watching Phillip took me back 12 years ago when I first met him and I knew then that God had gifted him in music.  I think Phillip would tell you that at that moment he couldn't see God using him like this now--but I knew God wouldn't let him waste his talent.

Tonight God reminded me that sometimes in ministry you plant the seed ( that of the gospel and of living a servant life) and you just never know who will pick that up and do something even greater for God than you did.

I have students from our ministries that are:
   Sr. Pastors
   College Ministry Leaders
   Spouses of Ministry leaders
   And more......

Over 23 years of ministry we have been blessed to see so many young lives surrender to ministry and to lead their generation.   I'm so glad that I've had a little part in influencing the next generation of church leaders. And man--are they ever passionate!