Happy Birthday Mom...You Would Have Been 91 Years Young Today

Today would have been my Mom's 91st birthday.  She's been gone almost 6 years now and there are some days that I wish that I could just pick up the phone and call her.  In fact the last time I heard her voice was on a phone call (she usually called on Friday nights to check in on our week). I regret not taking more time to savor that call because it was the last real conversation that we had and that she understood.

So, I'm thinking of her today and glad in some ways that she's not here to see the condition of the world (she was a worry wort of sorts and the last few years with war and terrorism really got her stirrred up).  I'm sure she's a little less frustrated now that she can see the whole thing from heaven.

But I do miss her and think of her every July 6!  Happy Birthday Mom!  You would have been 91 years young today.


Darla said...

thanks Jim. I think I will go and visit my Mom tomorrow, while I still can...you sure made me think about taking them for granted. Have a great week.