Taxes... I'd Rather Be At The Dentist

Having had some major dental work this year, I think I can really say that I prefer the dentist to doing my taxes.  I've devoted today to sort through the mounds of receipts that were tucked away in those files; trying to remember what each of them were--(although I wrote on them what they were)--it's hard to remember.  Receipts just don't hold up very long-some of them have faded and I can't barely read them.

Unless I find major receipts, looks like this will be the year that we are caught in the "vice" and have to pay.  Usually we over pay, but somehow this year the adjustments just haven't worked in our favor.  So, it makes it doubly painful knowing that what you're trying to find is only to keep you out of the deep hole your inital calculations told you.  

We're not rich.  I would consider us a typical middle-class family trying to make it today.  What alarms me is not only the rising costs of gas and food and such, but the rise in insurance rates.  Currently it takes about 20% of my salary to insure my family.  Where will it end? (DEATH--as in DEATH AND TAXES  that is.)   There just seems to be an endless cycle to the skyrocketing prices on everything, while wages seems to lag far behind.   Sometimes there seems to be more month than check and when you look at it most of the overage is just covering essentials. Can I get a witness here?

So, back to the pile--looking for more to help with that bottom line. Nothing is more certain than DEATH AND TAXES! One week from tomorrow it will come calling.


~JOSh-X said...

Today I tackle BOTH! I have to go to the dentist AND go to finish doing my taxes!