Toy Box Leadership (Part 1) Legos

I've finished the book TOY BOX LEADERSHIP and I'm devoting several posts in the coming days to share what I learned from this book. It was definitely worth the read.

Chapter 1--Legos

Legos are connective toys and as such in this book is a metaphor for relationships and trust in leadership.

"Likewise, every good relationship is fundamentally based on trust."

The legos metaphor is perfect for relationships because there is a giving and receiving end of the the toy and in relationships too. Legos are strong and sturdy and usually connect to any other Lego toy made--thus the principles of trust in a relationship are universal.

"Micromanagement as a leadership style devalues the overall team and is not a far removed from a dictatorship"

I've served my fair share under a number of leadership styles and I can tell you that I've seen the best and the worst (and I've been the best and the worst at this) However, since this is one of my pet peeves in leadership, I try to land on the side of trusting people to do the job they've been given to do. Basically micromanagement is a lack of trust from a leader to his people.

You do not lead by hitting people over the head--that's assault, not leadership--Dwight Eisenhower

This too is true. I've seen many a leader take the position that RIGHT IS MIGHT and POWER IS ABSOLUTE only to see the organization suffer and falter not necessarily because of the people but because of the leader.

More to come.... Next (the Slinky Dog)