Worship Confessional, February 21, 2010

This was a hard day for me. We were WAY down today--so many out with this and that and the lack of attenders made it hard to feel energy in the room. Maybe it was my fault for starting slow (we're not used to that). Anyway! It was difficult.

Ever had one of those days after you lead that you sit down and you're exhausted because you feel like you've been pulling an ocean liner? That was it yesterday. We scaled back the end for EAGLES WINGS to just my vocal and piano. It was simple and sweet. So it ended well.

I guess the realization that we've been without a Sr. Pastor now for 7 months is beginning to set it. The team is going out now to hear pastors, but inevitably people physically and mentally check out until that guy is here. So much to pray about!

Set List
Welcome/Announcements/Offering (I think people are still counting on the first song to get in there and they're surprised when we are already taking up the offering when they get in there)
Shine Your Light On Us (Robbie Seay Band)-- just a great song to call us back to God and to find our "rest" in him.
Friend of God
Here I Am To Worship
Sing Over Your Children (Maher)--new this week. It's off his "ALIVE AGAIN" album.
I Will Sing of My Redeemer (You Set Me Free)-(Cottrell) Worship Choir
Morning Message (Conclusion of our weekend in MALACHI)
Eagles Wings (Hillsong-Morgan)

How was your Sunday?

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