RECREATE '10--Let The Connections Begin

This is my third year at RECREATE CONFERENCE here in Nashville, and in those three years I've met some of the most amazing people. I've been busy the last two days meeting with these guys and gals before the conference began officially today. I've made three trips to the airport to pick them up and drop them off at their hotels. Needless to say for a connector--this is paradise. So many connections renewed and many more connections made with folks that are new and have never been to RECREATE. I met up today with Robert Comeaux (Minister of Music from FBC New Orleans--he gave me Mardi Gra beads from New Orleans) and then with my good friend from Texas, Jeff Berry who works with Centricity Records here.

Tonight, we began at Puckett's Grocery store in Franklin and with a private concert by Amy Grant. I actually got to hold the door for Amy as she came out of the women's restroom (no I wasn't going in--her door opened into the path of the men's room). And during the concert we were alerted by Facebook that a friend of ours in Texas is connected with Amy's tour manager. So we met him and Amy afterwards. It was a great evening.

One of the amazing things about RECREATE are the suprises during the week not to mention great worship led by Matt Maher and others like Big Tent Revival, Jars of Clay and Leeland.

Stay tuned for a great week...


Darla said...

only in Nashville do you get to hold open restroom doors for people like Amy Grant! that's what i love about that place...:D

Anonymous said...

You just never know whom you might be holding the door for in Nashville! Very cool!