Visual Worship--The Set Up

Timelapse - Environmental Projection setup from grateful inconvenience on Vimeo.

I've talked about the impact of visual worship before on this blog and I believe that it's only going to be bigger and more impactful in the future than I thought before. The experience with GUNGOR last week RECREATE only increased this in my heart and mind. The VJ'ing was done by GRATEFUL INCONVENIENCE, INC. It was masterful.

Look at this video and see how a room is transformed by three video projectors and a laptop. In the past this was accomplished with very expensive theatrical lighting, but now it's becoming easier. A church in East Texas is getting ready to install these video architectural projectors to transform their gym space into a worship space. They can change from street scene to solar scenes with one click of the button.

With the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics using these methods to transform spaces, just think what it could do for worship and for churches. The possibilities are endless./