Worship Confessional, February 28, 2010

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Today we started a new series "The ABC's of Life Change" where we are focusing on the Great Commission. Shanna Covington, local artist in our church, did these paintings for us and we're using them as graphics in our services.

Dr. David Allen, Dean of The School of Theology at Southwestern Seminary spoke today in Ed's absence. He kicked off the series.

Set List

Rising (Baloche) It's been a while since we sang this, but it's a great opener.

Welcome/Announcements/ Offering

I Will Sing (Boswell/Ferrin) This is on Matt's new album, and I sang it in the fall but we've never done it congregationally. Very easy melody and chorus to pick up and just great words. Fit very well with the series opener.

Sing Over Your Children (Maher) second week for this song--couldn't tell how it was going. I think they like it... we'll see.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (Tomlin) Always a favorite...they sang on this one.

Morning Message--Dr. David Allen

Mighty To Save (Hillsong) Just the chorus and pre-chorus was all we had planned, (planning to go to something elese) but we stayed on this. Worked well.

How was your Sunday?