Toy Box Leadership (Part 5) Mr. Potato Head

I remember my first Mr. Potato Head. Yes, it was the parts and I put it on a real potato, not the plastic one that claims the title today. I don't remember how or when I got it, but I distinctly remember "his smile" and "his frown" and how you could change his mood with the change of a part.

Today's metaphor is Mr. Potato Head and communication.

"The leadership principle from Mr. Potato Head is that you must choose the right face for the right place when communicating."
This is one of those things that you know, but you never really stop to think about. When you are saying one thing is your face (or body) saying something else. I don't know anyone who consciously does this--but maybe we should. If our message as leaders is important shouldn't we take the time to make sure the vehichle and mode that it is delivered in matches the message.

Maybe that explains the confusion in messages sent and received in organizations. Maybe we say one thing verbally but communicate another thing physically. This was very interesting to me.

The Eight Faces A Leader Must Pack:
1. Empathetic--feeling what they feel
2. Confidence ( I wrote in the margin "do people see confidence in me as a leader?"
3. Intense- serious!
4. Attentive- eye on the ball--game on!
5. Disappointed- communication that the mark wasn't met
6. Happy (duh!)
7. Sincere-- Authenticity
8. Optimistic--hope shows in your face!

Guess I'll be spending some time in the mirror this weekend looking at the faces that I project as a leader.

So, Mr. Potato Head leader what faces have you packed for the journey?