Would Shakespeare Blog?

This title isn't original with me. It's a line in Seth Godin's new book LINCHPIN that I'm currently reading. What I enjoy about Godin is his short and concise paragraphs that to me seem like he journaled these thoughts and then they become part of his books.

His point in this section is would artists of old use the modern techonolgy and methods available today if they were still around? Would the artists of old still stick to their old methods, or would their art evolve with the times?

Godin's point (and his opinion) is that a true artist (one who makes an impact and change on people) is always aware of the times and the opportunities and makes the most of the day in order for their art to be impactful. Godin says that if your art does not change people, then it's not art. That's a pretty severe definition of art, but it bears further thought and study.

So, do you think William Shakespeare would blog today? Would he take the methods and mediums of today and use them for his messages and points of discussion about social, political and religious concerns? I think he would. How about you?