How He Loves Lyrics


I'm always a little "leary" when a song bursts on to the scene and "everyone" has to be doing this song or that song. In fact, I probably am on the cautious side seeing if a song has staying power or legs to stay around for a while. This song "HOW HE LOVES DOES" as it burst on the scene in late 2008 and 2009. We're just now getting around to doing it in church (actually the youth introduced it last weekend with their DNOW services) and it fits in with this "mini-series" on LOVE the next 2 weeks.

We'll omit the "sloppy wet kiss" line---don't want to go there- (and for those that don't know--just ask me and we can have a good cup of coffee and discuss artistry in worship music)

Let me know what you think about this song.


Chuck Harris said...

we sing sloppy wet kiss, i won't be offended if you change to unforeseen kiss like Crowder, but just don't change it to "baby's first kiss" like another church in our town. btw, my church sings that song with a lot of passion amazing. wait until we teach them Rise and Sing and God is Alive.