The Glee Effect

I'm blessed with two beautifully talented daughters who are caught up in the show "GLEE", not because of the morals (which are ???) but because of the music. What I find fascinating about the GLEE effect is that all of sudden it's hip to be 80's. My girls go around singing these songs thinking they're new and trendy and I just shake my head and say "what goes around comes around." Who knew the class of 1982 would be hip again!

Evidently this GLEE effect took over at graduation last year for this school. Not a great performance, but I can appreciate where they are coming from.

Take a look at the real GLEE singing DON'T STOP BELIEVING.

Have you noticed the GLEE effect?


Darla said...

whoa, at times i thought the musicians were doing a good job, and then i had to change my mind, ha! goodness gracious!