Run Like The Wind

I just finished my first Half-marathon yesterday and while running yesterday I had time to think about my evolution in running.
Some ten years ago in Sweetwater, my friend Donny Allen asked me to join him in a run. I don't think I made it to the end of the block (because I was so out of shape and so heavy!) I eventually lost the weight and began to join Donny and his friends for Saturday morning runs. By the time we left Sweetwater I was leading the pack as we ran.

I ran my first 5K in December of 2001 in Dallas. The excitement of being with that many runners at one time gave me the itch to keep on going. I signed up for the Cowtown 10K in the Spring of 2002 and when I completed that race I hung up my shoes at that time and said that I had gone as far as I could.

Fast forward to 2010. One year ago I was back in my "out of shape" condition and faced some serious sickness following an emergency appendectomy in March. I started walking in April but soon the running bug hit again and I've completed 1 5K and 2 10K's previous to my half yesterday.

So, what's in store? I don't know at this point. Some are asking if I'm going for a full marathon ( and I won't rule that out) but there are defintely some more half's in the future. It's back out on the road in the morning as I get back in to shape after Saturday's run.