Michael Gunger "Beautiful Things"

I experienced something last week at RECREATE that I honestly can say was a "once in a lifetime" experience. Gungor (formerly The Michael Gungor Band) did a live concert/experience for all of us at the conference. They played their entire new album from start to finish and to compliment it we were treated to a visual art show by Grateful Inconvenience, Inc. and Nate Griffin using PRO VIDEO PLAYER. to accompany the experience. It was breathtaking.

Gungor says that this album represents "liturgical rock" styles and he wasn't joking. I described it to a friend as a fusion of musical styles (classical, folk, rock, jazz and praise and worship) and even those descriptions are inadequate to describe what we experienced.

I've long known that visual worship is a coming thing for the church, but what I experienced that afternoon was like walking through an art gallery of heaven with a chorus of angels singing the most sincere and passionate music of heaven. It was incredible.

Earlier in the day we had heard from Dan Cathy of Chik-Fil-A and how they're trying to provide a remarkable experience for each customer each time they come into their stores. That's exactly what Gungor did for us.

Their album releases today and I would urge you to go and get this album. I plan to have it in my ears as I run my half marathon in a couple of weeks. It's that good.

They are coming to Austin in April and if I didn't already have something planned for that day that I couldn't get out of, I'd be there. If you can go--go see this experience.


proctor said...

glad you were able to experience this! this is one of the best CDs and musical journey's i've ever been on.
just FYI, MediaShout wasn't a part of the Gungor experience that night...nate griffin of grateful inconvenience was VJ-ing that night and used PVP for the whole night.
thanks for capturing part of the night on video!

Jim Drake said...


Thanks for correcting me on this. I just heard them say "Nate" and I thought it was Nate from Media Shout.

I've corrected my blog with correct kuddos to Nate and PVP and Grateful Inconvenience.

I hope next year at RECREATE that there will be something extensive about VJ'ing and Architectural lighting. With the Olympics showing off what that medium can do I can only imagine how it will be used for the Kingdom