Church In The Second Life

I find that it's hard enough to do "church" or be "the church" in the real life, much less "second life", but some churches and individuals have ventured into the virtual world as missionaries and church planters.

What do you think about this?


Grace said...

In this day and age of computers I can understand why these online services have popped up. I have watched some of their services online and enjoy the music ministry and preaching as well. I think there are many doors that God can open since there are many that would watch online that would never consider stepping into a building where they can even watch anonymously. (All services/chats are monitored fyi)

That being said, this virtual church does not sit well with me. Putting a fake, virtul spin on something so weighty- the eternal destination of men and women's souls is something that puts me off. Taking what is holy and making it a cartoon seems to make light of the love of God and his message to the world.