Snyder has a crime wave going! Yes, I know it's hard to believe that a small West Texas town is facing what it's larger city partners have faced for a while: petty crime and young criminals who are using their loot to finance their early experimentation into the world of drugs, etc.

Our church was burglarized on Monday night (they broke in through a back window and quickly made their way to the Pastor's office to rip the LCD TV off the wall--with a couple of quick jerks they had it off (Arm and all) all the while leaving computers, DVD players and digital cameras alone.

Several cars each night are attacked with rocks and boards and the contents turned upside down looking for wallets, ipods and cd's.

We're organizing a neighborhood watch party soon and I've come up with the idea to "LIGHT UP THE NIGHT" with each home turing on their porch and yard lights overnight to discourage these guys (or gals) from destroying our property.

What do you do to protect your home?