Worship Confessional, May 2, 2010

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Set List

Worship with Children's Worship Arts ( Word of God, I Know That I Know, All To You)--we've used the materials by Kathie Hill Music for Worship Arts. They are great as they include music education materials as well as crafts and worship arts themes.

Happy Day (Hughes)--Love this song and I've been wanting to do it for a year or more. It will be in our rotation for the coming weeks.

O Happy Day (Spiritual)---so, I decided to throw in the old "Spiritual" ( I guess it was my Glee influence for the week)

Welcome/Announcements/Mission Focus---Taylor, my daughter, shared about her Compassion child in Ethiopia since that was our country of Focus this week.

Pass It On (Walker)---great song that we introduced last year.

How Marvelous (I Stand Amazed) (Tomlin)---great old hymn with some new chords

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge

Here and Now (Baloche/Brown)--2nd week on this one and I love it even more. I had people tell me this week that they sang this song all Sunday afternoon. Great!

How was your Sunday?

So-- I feel like I need to post an update on this service. I had already preposted this blog post because I was going to be in rehearsal this afternoon.

What actually happened...
MEDIA SHOUT crashed on us 20 minutes before the service. It absolutely would not find the script for the day.. so I had to punt

We had a our Children's Worship Arts Kids singing... so we did our best with them.( They sang three songs) I then went to O HAPPY DAY (something I could easily teach) and then because we were in G--I landed on LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH (because of it's familiarity) It worked

Interview with my daughter Taylor about her Compassion Child in Ethiopia went well (we have someone interested in sponsoring a child)

Then because of time (taken from trying to get things going) we went straight to HOW MARVELOUS which people knew.

Message--by this time I was frazzled.... but there's always a reason

Ended with HERE and NOW and it was easily taught because of it's repetition.

What songs do you lean on when you have to PUNT?


Lori Biddle said...

Wow! Nice recovery. You would think the Holy Spirit was there or something!! ha ha Way to go!