The Flood The Media Ignored

All last weekend I was getting alerts and updates from my friends in Nashville how bad the rain was coming down there and I searched and searched for information. The Weather Channel did a good job of up to the moment reporting, but the major news media totally ignored the story.

By the time Monday rolled around and the storm had passed, even then the major media outlets were still focused on the Times Square bomber and the gulf oil tragedy, all the while ignoring the historic 1000 year flood that had just happened in Middle Tennessee. Not until Wednesday night was there acknowledgement from CNN that they had blown the issue and were sending Anderson Cooper to do a special (now it's a "trendy thing" to get in on the story after Twitter and Facebook had beat them up)

Just goes to show you that traditional media outlets are still behind the curve on up to date events and happenings.

It's just sad that almost a week later we're just now finding out how bad this flood is and the devestation that took place.

I'm following the good work that my friend Pete Wilson and Crosspoint are doing in the flood relief. Thank goodness they didn't wait for the mainstream media to tell them that this is a disaster.