Sunday's Coming.... The truth behind the worship scene!

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.

This video is circulating widely today among worship and church leaders. Some are laughing and some are not.

There is lots of truth in this video... if you go to any "cutting edge" church this is most likely what you will see and so its not bad to say "it is what it is" I guess the rub comes in those who are trying to be so relevant each week and not be in a rut to wake up and see that it's real easy to get in a rut--without even trying. (I'm not throwing stones... I'm guilty too here guys.)

In today's worship scene there are only so many moveable parts and I guess the tendency is to just keep moving them to make us think we're being "relevant" when in reality we may only be going in circles.

So--what do you think about this video? True or False--what say ye?