The Mayor Will See You Now

So I received a very interesting message this afternoon

"FYI--KRBC (our local NBC affiliate) out of Abilene just called and wanted to know what the Mayor was checking on at city hall regarding a break in"

I had 4squared a message earlier in the day that we were checking out the church (my city hall since according to 4square I'm the Mayor here) and the tweet was picked up by the local media. Ba ha ha ha !

After they learned that I really wasn't the mayor of Snyder (hey, who say's I can't be) they were no longer interested in the story.

We have had a rash of break ins here in Snyder and the church was hit Sunday night as someone smashed a back office window and broke into the Pastor's office and ripped the LCD flat panel screen off the wall (bolts and all). We kinda felt violated.

So--The Mayor (me!) is keeping a watch out on all of the neighborhoods and who knows--I might get me some more of that 15 minutes of fame. I kinda liked it!


Jan Owen said...

This is so funny! You're famous! They should put you on the news.