Worship Confessional, May 9, 2010

This post is part of Sunday Set Lists over on The Worship Community Blog.

I'm preposting this because when the set lists come out I'll be in the middle of our third show at The Ritz.

Set List

Happy Day (Hughes) We were suppose to do this last week--but because of Media Shout failure--we postponed it until today.

Welcome/Greeting/Mother's Day/Baby Dedication---what else can we do on this day?

Pass It On (Walker)---another fave and thought it worked well with Mother's Day and Baby Dedication.

My Inheritance (Freeman) We debuted this one a couple of weeks ago and came back to it today. Again--thought it fit with the theme of legacy and children

Morning Message--Ed Ethridge (our interim pastor will only be with us 2 more weeks) Ed has been a good steady voice for us since November. We will miss him.

Here and Now (Balcohe/Brown)---keeping our new song going--this is our third week for this one and I think they're catching on to it!