What A Healthy Church Looks Like!- CrossPoint Nashville

As we study healthy churches in the New Testament and in context of today's church culture, I thought I'd point to one real life example of a healthy church.  God is blessing them richly.

CrossPoint church is a 7 year old church plant in the heart of Nashville. They have 3 satellite campuses (Dickson, North and Bellevue) and have exploded in growth.  They meet most if not all of the 10 Characteristics of A Healthy Church.

1. God's Empowering Presence--I've been here in their worship services and it's true. The feeling of God's life changing power is in the music, in the elements and in the teaching of Pete Wilson.  They are constantly baptizing people and are having life change happen before their very eyes.
2. God-Exalting Worship--ditto...everything points to the Father.

3-Spiritual Disciplines --they are constantly urging their people to practice the disciplines of a spiritual life (prayer, fasting, scripture memory, bible study, journaling..etc)
4-Learning and Growing in Community --they are continually adding small groups and community groups to their body. They state that this is the heart of CrossPoint. It shows when 600 new people sign up for community groups in one Sunday
5-A Commitment to Loving and Caring Relationships--countless stories of people walking with other people through lifes situations (the Nashville flood recently highlighted the work of the Holy Spirit through Cross Point)
6-Servant‐Leadership Development --this is refreshing as I find that their staff is TEAM ORIENTED and leadership is shared across the organization---very different!
 7-An Outward Focus--again, when the Nashville flood hit, there was no question "if" but "when and where" CrossPoint would jump in.  It was immediate and was noticed.  They operate a shelter in downtown Nashville and continually have community service days for their congregation.
8-Wise Administration and Accountability -led by capable Elders and staff their structure is sound
9-Networking with the Body of Christ ---they are constantly networking across the country and around the globe to impact the world. They have works in Dominican Republic and India. Their networking capabilities brought in workers for flood relief from across the country.

 10-Stewardship and Generosity--- constantly teaching about the meaning of stewardship and generous giving, the people of Cross Point are amazing in this area.

I guess for me as we look at BECOMING A HEALTY CHURCH it's good to find examples to look out, not to compare ourselves to, but to say "IT CAN BE DONE!"  Thanks CrossPoint for showing the way.


Jenni Catron said...

Jim, thank you so much for featuring Cross Point. We are extraordinarily blessed and grateful for the opportunities God has given us to reach our communities!

Jim Drake said...


Thanks for your comment. I am so blessed by Cross Points ministry from afar--I'm sure it is surreal what God is doing up close. I continue to pray God's favor on all of you.

pete wilson said...

Thanks Jim. Striving to be a Biblically healthy New Testament church is a lot more work than I ever imagined. We're so far from being there but I believe we're on the right path.

Jim Drake said...


Just wanted to point our people to a real-life example of a healthy church. Although we're not size-wise comparison, the characteristics of a healthy church are there.

I'm continually amazed at how God is using CP