Thinking of Mom!

Today is Mother's Day and my mom has been gone for 5 years now. I think about her alot.

I think about her when I have some funny story to share about my children. I can't help but think that she would be very proud of the young ladies and young man that they've become

I think about her when I have a story to share from church. I know she shared many stories that she experienced as a pastor's wife.

I think about her when I taste some good food that reminds me of her. I can never look at a pound cake and not think of the wonderful smell of her pound cake each Thursday when she was off work and I came home from school.

I think about her when I have a frustration or an anger. She was such a good listener. You could dump anything on her and she would help you sort it out.

I think about her when I hear news from other parts of the family. She was the one always in touch with everyone and wanted to know what was going on.

I think about her when I hear the news. She loved the news and loved politics--although the War on Terrorism got her a little worked up in her last days.

I thought about her yesterday as I visited her grave and put fresh flowers on them. She's no longer here to give real flowers to, but she's here in my heart and I think about her a lot.

Mom--thanks for being the best Mother. I love and miss you.



Darla said...

very sweet words Jim. i am sure your Mom would be proud of the man that you are today as well.