What Glee Does Best

I've written before how my daughters are taken with GLEE and each Tuesday evening we all gather around the TV (even DVR'd) to see and hear the music of the week.

The magic of GLEE is a combination of music, high school drama and a reminder of those high school issues and events that we'd all like to forget.

They cover all music (from JOURNEY, VANILLA ICE, FRANK SINATRA, LADY GAGA, and the best of Broadway)

The "I Dreamed A Dream" sequence from last night's show was magical. No wonder it's a hit among all ages and I must admit that I have a GLEE channel on my Pandora internet radio.

So, have you seen GLEE? What do you think?


Chuck Harris said...

it's an amazing show with amazing music. the acting is great and the big numbers are always so well staged. i have to admit my favorite character's are Kurt, Mercedes and of course Sue Sylvester. brilliant arrangements every week. American Idol contestants should take notice that Glee soundtracks outsell their performances.