Daniel Pink --Six Things

Here is a breakdown of Pink's 6 Things that will be important in the new economy

Design – He called this “a fundamental business literacy.” He spoke of General Motors‟ Vice Chairman for Global Product Development, Robert Lutz, saying “We are in the arts and entertainment business,” and of the CEO of Procter & Gamble saying, “I don‟t think anyone thinks we‟re not in the design business. . . It‟s all design.”

Story – He said that because “we live in a world of ubiquitous, free facts,” telling a story about a product adds value for customers. “Story as a differentiator is where design was about 12 years ago,” he observed. He told about buying wine and being influenced by the “back story” on the label of Big Tattoo wine. (You can read that story at http://www.bigtattoowines.com/about/)

Symphony – Describing this as “the ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, combine things into something new,” he said, “This is in many ways to killer app in business today.” He observed that a study of leaders by Daniel Goleman showed that the lone difference between today‟s successful leaders and others is “pattern recognition,” and he noted that self-made millionaires are four times as likely to be dyslexic as the population in general.

Empathy is valuable, he said, because it helps in designing products with significance and not just utility, and it‟s a skill that is “hard to automate.”

Play leads to creative breakthroughs and is also, he said, “a marker of organizational health.”

Regarding Meaning, reiterating a point he had made earlier he said, “The search for meaning has been democratized. I think it‟s one of the biggest things going on today