My Online Pastor--Pete Wilson

For over 2 years now I have been influenced by a Pastor that I don't see every week. I don't shake his hand at the end of a service. I don't even hear his voice live. But through the miracle of technology and the web, I'm able to hear and participate in the ministry of Crosspoint Church in Nashville.

Pete Wilson, pastor of Crosspoint (I love it when Pete introduces himself "Hi, I'm Pete, one of the pastors here at Crosspoint) has become one of the people in my life that I look to for direction and challenge. His constant challenges through his messages are highlights of my week. Pete has even become my running partner as I listen to his sermons as I run. There have been times that I have run twice as long listening to something very profound that Pete has said.

The recent Nashville floods have shown the world what I've known about Pete since I began to listen to him. He's a humble and authentic leader. He cares for people and for the Kingdom of God. It's evident and the world is finding out about it, not because that's Pete's desire, but because his heart of compassion is evident to all who meet him.

We've met in person a couple of times and keep in touch through social media.

His current series SHATTERED DREAMS began 2 weeks before the floods (how timely is that) and this message called THE BIRTH OF CONTROL rocked my world the other day as I listened to it on a long trip.

Who are the current pastors you listen too? What are their influences on you?

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Pete Wilson said...

You're too kind Jim! It's an honor to know you pal.

Jim Drake said...

Hey--just letting them know where the good stuff is.

Be blessed