A Church Goes Green...and Still There's Trouble

Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California (Francis Chan's Church) has an ambitious project on their hands.  They are building a new facility to house the enourmous growth they've experienced in the last few years.   Francis spoke about this last year at a conference that our staff attended.  The story behind this decision is remarkable.  Instead of building $50million dollars worth of buildings, they decided to invest in land and trust that the Lord would take care of the weather--specifically, they are planning on a site where 3000 people can worship together outdoors.

Francis said he worried about the weather and then he was reminded "Hey, who is in charge of the weather?"

However, the land they have chosen to build upon is "sacred" ground.  It is a greenbelt ( a designated green area between developments) that is meant to prevent urban sprawl.  You can read more about their dispute with the county here.

Evidently the plan to keep most of the acreage undeveloped still doesn't please the environmentalist and the anit-development folks.  It will be interesting to see who wins this battle.

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