Something Old, Something New

Something Old:
Nancy Beach  Nancy is Arts Pastor at Willow Creek.  I always learn something from her and the depths of her writing. She has such varied experiences there in Chicago and around the world. She's one that is definitely in touch with the Arts culture and the church.

Something New:
Ministers Kid-A Networking Community   Walter Johson monitors this site which is a portal to connect kids that have grown up in Ministry-(I'm one) and talk about the uniqueness that this brings to families and development.  Walter and I connected through a post I did about MAD CHURCH DISEASE.


Think Geek   You just have to go here and check out the wild things that are available technology wise.  From appareal to office supplies---you won't believe what you can get.

Photojojo    A portal for photographers on the net.  They have the latest photographic add ons and ideas for the novice.  There's even photogames you can play by participating in their daily "idea" where they ask you to interpret a theme or thought and post it for the community to see.  Kind of a photo potpourri.  Interesting.


Pete Wilson said...

I didn't even know Nancy had a blog. Thanks Jim!