CREATIVE CHAOS- Dear Solomon Letters

Each series we try to give some type of interactive that helps the member sythesize what they have learned in the series.

This series, we decided since the theme was about "DEAR SOLOMON" and his advice through Proverbs, we had printed stationery with the salutation"Dear Solmon" and made them available in the pew and at an interactive table at the front of the worship center for people to write down their take homes from the sermon teaching for that day.

They then folded them up in thirds and placed a seal on it (thanks PS PRINT!) and brought it to a basket at the front of the church. We are collecting these through the series and will send them back to them at the conclusion. We had great participation in this exercise.
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deWeb said...

good idea. nice job finding something that goes with the series and invites participation and interaction.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea. I like the printed stationery and seal, makes it feel very authentic or official. I might copy this idea for our church. Thanks for posting.


CJ Mills said...