A Trip To A Lavender Farm

Ok, we're a little short on the amenities of the city (no Starbucks, no mall, no Target, no--oh well, you get the picture).  So, something to do on a Saturday is always a challenge.  After our girls told us they were attending a Christian Rock festival all day Saturday, we decided to head east about 12 miles to a Lavender Farm  for their June Lavender festival.  I've never been to a lavender farm ( I know, it sounds kind of Metro) but hey, what else was there to do.

It turns out that lavender grows very well in this dry, arid landscape and it loves the sandy soil that is abundant here.  Lavender grows steadily through the spring and puts out it's blooms in June -regardless of where it's grown.  Lavender has many medicinal and curative benefits (it helps you sleep and relax) and my son said our house smelled like it the rest of the day (even though we didn't bring any of it home)

Here are some pictures from the day.  One blessing was meeting back with friend Kristy Fox and her daughter Katy from Sweetwater where we served almost 10 years ago.  In fact, Katy was a baby when we were there.

We enjoyed some down home Texas BBQ for lunch under a windy West Texas sky and talked to people who had come from near and far to see the lavender farm.  Daniel and his buddy climbed Mesquite trees and touched a real Texas Horned Toad---see, they do exist.

So, it may not have been Chicago, or LA or even Franklin, Tn, but it was a little part of the West Texas culture that experienced Saturday.