Creative Chaos- Theatrical Thursdays

I won't always publish this in the Creative Chaos section, but it's something that I'm doing right now to engage in the artistic culture of our community. I'm in a play this month. A COMPANY OF WAYWARD SAINTS will be performed June 26-29.
This will be my second production here, having returned to the stage after a 25 year absences (That sounds like I was missed or something--not really). My last acting roles were in high school plays (as were most of your acting gigs).

Rehearsals began this week for the production. After a long night at VBS, I headed to the Ritz Theater for rehearsals. Amazingly, we have read through Prologue, Act 1 and 2 and roughly blocked the scenes. There are hopes we might be "off book" by Monday (that means a lot of practicing over the weekend)

What I love about drama is that it's poetry and dialogue come alive in theater. This play has so many great lines. I love the one about artists temperament. "It's our greatest blessing- (pause) and our greatest curse". The company struggles to find their collaborative selves in the first act only to realize that they don't play together as a company anymore. PRIDE has entered into the group and keeps them from working together.

COMPANY is directed by Craig Roberston, recent grad from Snyder High. Craig if you are googling yourself again, he's another entry

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kim said...

it's really amazing that you have been able to make the commitment to this. i was in theatre stuff all through high school and college, but can't imagine adding that to the plate now. way to go!!

Jason said...

very nice. Thanks for sharing!