Worship Post-Fessional June 1, 2008

Today we are in between series as we get ready for our Summer Camp (VBS) that starts tomorrow night. We wore our t-shirts and jeans today (Casual dress) and it felt great! Got some looks though.

This was also the last day of our Choir-led worship unitl the fall. We've been working on the collection from Brentwood (Thats Why We Praise Him). Its all the music of Tommy Walker. I wasn't sure when we started in January I was going to like all Tommy Walker songs, but each of them have been so special. They are memorable and singable and very tender and deep in worship. I think the choir has really liked them. We've used 11 of the 12 songs in the collection. That works out to about .75 a song--better than a standard choral piece. Each time we've sung we've used one for an opener; one for a congregational sing-along and one for a stand alone offertory piece. Today was no different.

Here's the set from today.
(Opener)Only A God Like You

Everlasting (Brian Doerkesen/Matt Unruh) (Great song we'll be using this summer)
I Fix My Eyes on You (Walker)--taught this one to the congregation
Better Is One Day

Lord I Believe In You

Prayer time for Summer Camp
I Stand Amazed (Jernagin)

So how was your Sunday?


danp said...

Jim, that's awesome... I'd like to know how you got Justo Amario & Abraham Laboriel to play at your church... I used to know those guys and they don't return my phone calls anymore.

Jim Drake said...

Ask and you shall receive... they were open today--and just happened to be in the area....