Something Old, Something New

This week I thought I would focus on some sub groups of blogs that I read regularly.  I'm featuring production/creativity blogs this week.

Something Old:
North Point/ Buckhead Blogs   This is the site for North Point Church and their sister site, Buckhead church in Atlanta.  If it's happening in worship production, these guys are on the leading edge. They give details of how things were concepted and executed (technology, audio, visuals)

Randy Parkers group at New Covenant Community Church in Fresno always post what's going on within their ministry here.  Randy announced this week that he was leaving New Cov to head to North Point in ATL.   I'll be watching to see how things continue after Randy leaves--he's built a great team there.

Something New:
Accidental Creative    This is a creative portal for those in creative professions and jobs.  They are consultants on creativity, but give some of their tricks and tips of the trade. Very interesting--I could spend hours here.  
Accidental Creative helps those who must create to succeed (visual artists, musicians, writers, designers, idea people) unlock their creative advantage. In today’s results-driven world, it’s hard for creatives to find rhythm. Instead, we can feel forced to produce boring, uninspired stuff to feed the machine, and soon grow frustrated and lose touch with why we love to create. Accidental Creative helps creatives find that passion so they can once again enjoy what they do and change the world with revolutionary ideas.