Watercooler Wednesday-- Necessity: The Mother of Creativity

Nothing like being the last one to the watercooler on Wednesday (and in the evening when everyone has gone home!). It's VBS week here--and we're working all day and serving all night. Most evenings I've seen the early morning before hitting the hay. I haven't had much time to blog and something went really screwy with my blogger template on Sunday night. I won't have time to fix that until this weekend. So, yes, I know that my blog is whacked--any help would be greatly appreciated you XML-CSS gurus.

Before and After Shots!
Here are some shots of the set up for this week at VBS.
We have to set up everything--everyday.  They use the Boys/Girls club for activities during the day.  We arrive @ 4:30 to set up and get it ready. I titled this NECESSITY: The Mother of Creativity because we had something else planned for the week and only learned like last Thursday of our set up/take down schedule.  So, we punted--used some pole and drape and a stretch shape for the projection and reused the tarps from an old series for deco (JVO--you like our tarps--they were inspired by you and will be reused for family camp in the later summer)
It takes less time to take down--as usual, but it has worked well, better than I expected.

So-let creativity guide you when you're stumped.  Necessity is sometimes the greatest prompter of new ideas and work arounds.

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marina said...

The church I previously worked at met in a High School auditorium. The last summer we were there, we were informed that the A/C would be off-line all summer and that we'd have to meet in the gym. Talk about scrambling. We bought full stage lighting and had it temporarily installed in the gym - then we built protective cages around the lights out of chicken wire and pvc pipe. We had the coolest lighting effects because of the chicken wire! We also were able to be creative with a weekly stage design since we were setting it all up anyway, why not change it up as needed!! The setup time was 5am - that was a drag - but we built an awesome team of true servants - several of them were later selected as the first members of our elder board. True servants in action!