Mad Church Disease

I counseled a family member today about their church situation.  I'm constantly amazed how the experience in the local church is most often marred by an incident or series of experiences that make them feel like leaving the church forever.   It reminds me of Dan Kimball's book "The Love Jesus--They Just Don't Like The Church".  That makes me sad.

It also reminded me of this book which is scheduled to hit the stores in 2009.  Mad Church Disease is written by a Preacher's Kid who witnessed how the church destroyed her father as a minister.  Been there--done that.  I'm anticipating that it will have many common experiences from my past and maybe my entire immediate family should read it and discuss.  You can learn more about this book here.

What do you think?  Has this been your experience with church?


Anonymous said...

My husband was just recently presented with an award at our Church. It was to celebrate him being on staff the longest since the church started (some 20 years ago). I'm wondering if the award shouldn't have been for "who can take it the longest". He is so exhausted and burnt out he almost went into urgent care a few weeks ago. They know about it but don’t seem to care. When we bring things like this up we are looked at as ungrateful and not there for the "cause". It's the Culture to work you to the bone with no real Sabbath and keep on adding more to your plate.
I realize we have choices as far as leaving; however it's not that easy with today’s economy.
Sad wife looking for a way out.