Being Known In Community-The Tragedy of Katrina

I was struck by this story yesterday evening while surfing for information.  This past Thursday, 80 of the remaining victims of Katrina were finally buried.  After three years, a group of funeral directors said that the city and state had taken too long to give these people a proper burial.

Eighty-five victims of the storm left unclaimed by any survivors were finally laid to rest as another deadly storm, Hurricane Gustav, strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico and threatened the city.

A horsedrawn carriage carried the last seven gleaming coffins to the mausoleum on Friday, while jazz trumpeter Ken Ferdinand played “Amazing Grace.” The other 78 victims were interred on Thursday in a scramble to beat an evacuation order expected toda

How is it in this day and age that 80 people can go without anyone missing them? Have we become so disconnected from our families and friends that no one even missed them. Some were probably homeless--but surely someone knew their name. Now, may they rest in peace--they are known by God.

If some tragedy happened in your town, would people be looking for you? Would you be missed? Would someone call your name?

Be part of a community--be known today.