Leadership Summit-Greatest Moments #4

Tim Sanders (The Lovecat Way)- Leadership Summit 2004

This was my first introduction to Tim Sanders. I found him so very interesting--except that he paces back and forth a great deal--but the information that he gives is incredibly useful. The talk on The Lovecat Way spurred in me a reading frenzie like I've never had since, and just re-reading his principles of the Lovecat Way has reawakened in me the need to listen to this talk again. In particular, his points about Scarcity and Abundance rang true in our church in 2004. We fell in the trap of Scarcity and it led to the some terrible times in the church.

The points of the talk were:

KNOWLEDGE ~ we should all be sharing our knowledge with one another without regard to our personal gain. We give to give. Simple as that.

NETWORK, Network, Network! ~ Connect others to your Rolodex. Share your valuable connections freely and widen your circles of influence exponentially.

COMPASSION ~ Be the best human being you can be. Be kind. Be caring. Be compassionate. Do good deeds! We are all in this together and our relationships with one another are the key. It truly is who we know and who knows us. Our willingness to authentically connect with others and help them achieve their goals can impact all aspects of our lives, our businesses and yes, even our love life!