Leadership Summit-Greatest Moments #5

The final post in this series comes from Leadership Summit 2005. Bill Hybels talk was The Leaders' State of Mind. He focused on the HOLY DISCONTENT of the leader.

From Monday Morning Insight
The day started off with Bill Hybels talking on "The Leader's State of Mind". His whole discussion was what happens before you get a 'vision' for something? What causes a leader to have and develop the vision he/she has? Using Exodus 2 as a text, Bill stated that many times vision comes out of a state of "Holy Discontent". He mentioned Popeye (the sailor man) and how he would take as much as he could (when people gave Olive Oil a hard time) until he got to the point where he would say "That's all I can stands... I can't stands no more." In our lives, he asked us "What can't you stand"? That's your area of "holy discontent". Many times your vision comes out of finding your area of "holy discontent" and doing something about it. It's when your heart is in agreement with God's heart on things that matter to him. Some examples of this he gave were David (when fighting Goliath); Nehemiah (and the re-building of the wall); Martin Luther King (and his fight against racial injustice; and the founder of World Vision (who started the organization after seeing dying children who had no food). All of these people got their vision when they had their 'Popeye' moment of "Holy Discontent". Of course, Bill Hybels expressed this whole idea much better than I did (in one paragraph). It was a very interesting and thought-provoking start to the day.