Stage Design--Dem. and Rep. Conventions

The Democratic National Convention this week features the Production Design work of Bruce Rodgers- fellow West Texan. Bruce is a graduate of Texas Tech University (my alma mater).
He grew up in Monahans (just west of Odessa) and entered the design world through Architecture.   Below is a video of the stage in Denver this week.  It features High End fixtures and state of the art technology in stage design.
Here's a bit of information on him:

Interview with LiveDesign-April 2008

Bruce designed the 1996 ATT Global Olympic Village ($33 million dollar project), 
Madonna's return tour, Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" and the 2007 and 2008 Half-Times of the Super Bowl.  Pretty impressive!

Read the articles above about him.  You'll understand where he's come from in his love for design.
Contrast that with the Republican Stage Design here and the dimensions here or the comparisons here.   Who would have thought that stage design could say so much about a candidate.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim.


Jim Drake said...

Thanks Bruce.. loved your design.

loved the articles about how you ended up in Design. I had read some of it in LIVE DESIGN.

good to connect with another West Texan