Watercooler Wednesday--Never Too Old To Play

Last week while on vacation in Albuquerque we visited the Explora science museum there.  This facility has 250 hands on experiments with water, electricity and sound.  There was a really cool section on music.

In one corner there was a box of PVC pipes and connectors. Two of my kids jumped in and started building.  My older child was a little more hesitant.  She had just told me to quit acting like a child ( I was busy building something over in another corner).  Then the middle child invited her sibiling to join them in building a "house" out of the  PVC.   Soon, this hestitant "player" was in the middle of building this structure, having a blast with her siblings and being creative.  My wife and I sat back and enjoyed the moment.

You see, you are never too old to play.  That's what's wrong with the adult world.  We've lost the ability to let loose and play and create.  My youngest is the best at this. He goes from dawn to dusk-playing with his buddies in the neighborhood.  They create new games everyday and a new adventure awaits each sunrise (be it an adventure into the pasture behind our house or a skateboard contest down the street).

What would it take for you to have some "play" time everyday?  Would that be a waste to you?
We spent 4 hours in this play center.  All of us (wife, me and 3 kids) had a blast playing together and being creatives.

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