Friend of God--A worship leader's encouragement

I received one of the best emails today. A friend of mine wrote that her 3 year old awoke from her nap singing "I Am A Friend of God" and after investigating, the toddler said "I am a friend of God. He calls me friend".

We sang this song Wednesday night to begin our Family camp this last week in Galveston. With no words on the screen (because of our Media Shout fiasco) we sang it over and over again. Evidently it made an impression on this little one.

There are many times that I wonder if the songs that we are singing and teaching these days have any impact. I continue to get the occaisional comment of "it was better in the past than it is right now" and frankly some days I'm discouraged.

But, a little email sent this afternoon encouraged me that indeed I'm helping the next generation connect with the God that calls us friend.

This video is for my little worshipper friend. Turn up the volume and let her sing!


Sherry said...

Kaelynn calls this her "friend of God movie" She had a great time singing and dancing to it last night. I told her you put it on there for her and she thought you would be in the video. "Where's my Jim??" She just knew "Richard" was singing, but she couldn't find him either!
I still can't believe she picked up on a new song so quickly!