The Biggest Dirt Storm Ever!

With an early departure out of Cairo this morning, we anticipated the 3 hour ride to be uneventful. However about 1.5 hour in we noticed the sky turning darker and more brown. What we were about to experience and you’ll see through the pictures is one of the worst sandstorms that I’ve ever seen.

The air was thick and choking-with the grit of the dirt and the smell of burning trash. We knew we were in trouble when the Japanese tourists got off at one spot with surgical masks on. Groups like these are use to smog in their cities--not me.

The pictures you see are a correct representation of the color of the sky today. We were glad to get into the hotel and stay away from outside.

Today’s trip was to the ancient city of Alexandria. Visits to the catacombs which date from 2 B.C. and to the temple site of one of the Gods led us to the final stop at the Alexandria Library. Once home to 700K books in the ancient world, this library is moving back to collect most of the information that it lost in two ancient fires. It was impressive.

The hotel here is nice and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea--but who could see with all of this sand.