Ramadan Nights

This trip has taken place during the month of Ramadan here in Egypt. Ramadan is a holy month for the Muslim religion where they fast during the day (from all food and water, sunrise to sunset) and then gather together at the end of the day and eat a meal together.

It’s been a quiet trip so far--until last night here in Alexandria. All of our rooms face the Sea for a scenic view and also a grand spot to listen to the Ramadan party below. It didn’t begin until 11PM or so, and oh the loud, loud music that was coming from below. Needless to say it was a restless night’s sleep.

The only other sign of Ramadan for us has been the altered schedule. Many of the sites we are trying to see are closing earlier than usual so that people can get home to their families and friends.

Our tour guide was somewhere last night and he said it was interesting to watch everyone gather together, ready to eat, as they awaited the signal to break the day’s fast. Then they jumped in to eat. END DAY